Thursday, August 15, 2013

The interview!

Aloha everyone..

how's Thursday..mine is good.

by the way,lemme say Thank you guy's to all who wished me  luck, 
for my interview, and I made a promised to you guy's
that I will keep you updated about my interview..

I was supposed to have an interview on Monday, however due to the very bad
weather, I wasn't able to go.. 
So I made a decision na now na lang pumunta..

Okay,At first I felt laz to go there,and I don't know why..
 like,it seems somethings stopping me..yung feeling na mas better pa mag - stay
na lang sa bahay..

But, then i need to go out pa rin because I need to get money,
so I decided na tumuloy na rin there..

what am I applying for there ba? Well, I applied in a Voffice as a Front desk Executive.

What is a Voffice?- Virtual office, it is kind of an office na their clients are those
buinessmans na nag rrent na lang ng space in a Voffice, to lessen their hassle in life
such as getting business permit, and other churva churva.. So , it really far different in 
a traditioanal office,because the businessmans, can just rent even only 1month or two..

What happened to my application? Well, sadly they are now freeze hiring because
the position that I am applying for is just currently filled in, because 
t'was an urgent Hiring pala.. 

anyhoo.. compare to other company, their HR still talked to me despite
the fact na they are now freeze hiring. 
kai db sa ibang company, if there is no hiring, wala na.. hindi ka na kakausapin..

ang cool nga kasi, while waiting and take note im just an applicant,but
their receptionist offered me a drink...

Ms Receptionit; Do you want something to drink? coffee, tea or water?
Me; Ahhh, No thank's..

at take note, san kayo nakakita ng applicant na walang dalang resume.. ako lang
ata yun.. hahahha,, but then, the HR said ok lang.,, siya pa 
nag print ng Resume ko... lol... ( bad me) 

moving on, the interview turned really fun and just chika konti..( ibinenta ng konti ang sarili )
since andun na man na daw me, and they are going to open another branch 
somewhere in Makati.
their HR told me, na if only tumuloy me nung Monday sureball na sana na 
ako ang nakuha., but then God's will na rin siguro, cos baka hindi  rin me naman 
ma ffill in un. cos i am still connected in a company.  

sayang, but it's fine,, maybe pang Makati branch me... choz... 

That's it pancit..sorry napahaba.. ^^


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