Friday, August 30, 2013

What a Friday morning!

warning quite long.. please bear with me!

Good Afternoon everyone!

How have you been?

I know I am not posting anything here, I was just busy.

Now, I just wanted to give you guy's an update.
If you are reading my blog, then you know already that I am planning
to resign and I posted it here.

I passed my resignation letter one week ago, and on Thursday
I received my final date of exit.

When will it be? You will know it soon, because I will
prepare something's touching yet painful FAREWELL letter..

Second, I became busy as well last few days because I need to move
house na talaga, remember hindi me natuloy ng lipat
this month and you will know the reason why here.

Now let's proceed to my rant..( please forgive me about this )

So last week, Monday my Landlord called and told me that
her prospective buyer is now decided to get her unit, I think the proper
way of saying should be, they have the money already to buy it
cash. That is the real reason why, they hung me around, I expected too much
maybe, that they suddenly changed their mind, but NO!

So, where am I now, lutang sa problema kung san na naman
me maghahanap ng lilipatan ko. I found a good place na sana,
and that place is really perfect for my plan to work at home,

but what happened?

Someone got it already last Saturday. If only I knew, 
that they will pursue to buy that
suck unit, then sana I pursue na rin na lumipat mid of this month, but hindi
eh... They stopped me and stay onhold..

What worst is, I paid for my 1 month of stay.
Then, they just informed me two weeks ago lang., it is not easy to
find a house, lalo na if you have to consider the safety most especially may kid,
plus she is studying, ayoko naman lumipat ng malayo, so I am considering rin
sana na malapit lang sa school, like our place na walking distance lang..
It is not easy to find a place that suits your budget and also your preference
in just two WEEKS time..

I had a quite bad morning earlier, because I am still asleep and someone
knocked in our while calling my name.. 

Imagine, kagigising mo lang at pagdungaw mo ng bintana
bigla sasabihin sayo na 

A: tutulog tulog ka pa..tumawag na may ari ng 
bahay, at maghanda handa ka na dahil baka yung nakabili ng
bahay eh till ngayon na lang dun sa tinitirhan nila at 
baka lumipat na dito mamaya..  

Me: Agad agad??wala pa nga me nakikitang bahay.
A: Eh tumawag na si ( insert name ) blah blah blah..

Excuse me.. I slept at 2:30 am ( raket time at home ) and woke up at 5:30am 
 then went back to sleep at 8:30am and it is just quarter to 10am..
I still have work from  2-11 pm...( shhhh**t)

what do you expect my reaction would be? 

nakakapanting ng tenga, ang iba pa niyang sinabi. I just don't want to 

so I crayola galore . tsk.tsk..

Please enlighten me.. guy's..

That's it for now..


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