Friday, March 31, 2017

The New Office Space

Hey Hey! Personal blog it is, thank God I’m back! 

well because I resigned from my previous work recently.

I worked there for like almost 3yrs na rin huh! (so halos 3yrs rin ako nawala sa pag b blog) hindi para lang pala akong bula. =)

So what’s the reason why I resigned?

I got toxic in all aspect, ( yes all aspect na nalalaman ) and I  felt demotivated which is the number One that triggered me to bid goodbye.. I suddenly became unhappy with what I am doing, parang relasyon, pag hindi ka na masaya bakit ka pa
mag e stay diba!! (hugot )   =)

I suddenly became unhappy with my environment, plus staying ALONE
In an office for 4 hours in 4 consecutive months was like you will feel CRAZY..  (ooppss,sorry it’s my blog okay, so I am free to share what I want to share here) just disclaimer.

Imagine!  I just had a miscarriage last Aug 2016, and then I went back to my
Regular sched after a month rin which is Sept, and had to stay alone in an office End of Sept until I resigned Feb this yr  pasensya na po sa rant.


This post is not about that okay.. 

I just want to show you guy’s
My new office space talaga haha =)

So eto na nga, kesa nakasalampak ako sa sahig at nakapatong lang ang laptop sa monoblock chair eh,  I decided to buy an office table na.

I hunt and hunt and hunt until I found a cheaper one =) 

so this is it.. 

picture taken from OppoF1s in a Natural light 

Sanyang Furniture 

Yan nung bago pa lang,, fresh pa.. ngayon hindi na haha =) 

I bought this at Puregold  and it cost me 1200+ but since I've had it deliver at home
I shouldered the delivery fee which is 300php so in total it cost me around 5000php.
If only I knew it sana sa Lazada nalang ako bumili if I am not mistaken same price lang Free deliver pa bakit nga ba hindi ko naisip yun, hahaha, excited kasi ko..

Okaay.. That's it...   

Hope you enjoyed reading..


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