Monday, March 27, 2017

Amo Yamie Crib Coffee and Movie House

Last Month, I and my other Mommy friends went out
together with our kiddos,.

well, if you are a friend of mine  in Fb or even IG I bet you have 
already seen it in my post. =)

So what is Amo Yami crib I am talking about, It is a cafe like 
for barkadas, couples, officemates and others.

It is their newly opened branch in Malolos .

I won't take it really long, so let the picture's speak for it self 
nalang muna.. =)

The Ambiance 

the coolest one is while waiting for your order they will give you this stuff, ( sorry I don't know what is it called)  It will light up and vibrate if your order is ready to take.

and Now the Food, Since it was mid afternoon,we had only Fries and Sandwich 
to dig in..

and here is the aftermath.. hahaha! Grabe parang may dumaang bagyo..

Oh well, Kids are Kids,if there is a kids around you for sure that would be
the result..  =)

The verdict:

Place - The place is good,though some cribs are really narrow maybe those are  good for couple's only, not for the group ones.

Food - Okay, I am not a foodies OKAY! So for me, it is just Xoxo, nothing special to it, just an ordinary fries, and Clubhouse sandwich.. The Frappe just fine too they are sweet for me, I don't know sa iba .. We all have different palate anyway, maybe for me it's good, but for 
other is not..  =)

CR - I didn't mind going into the washroom,but as per my friend, it's failed . =(
I hope they could improve the cleanliness of it..

Price - For me, it is reasonable.. Frappe cost 150 or less if I am not mistaken, ( sorry makakalimutin) but it loaded of  toppings. If you have a kids with you it's a POP..

There you go, hope you enjoyed this post and find it interesting.. =)

See yah..!! 


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