Monday, March 27, 2017

Suitable Debit Card for students.

Two weeks ago, I had to find a very cheap ATM/ Debit card account 
simply because I need it for my salary..

I have one before, but it is no longer working  =(

Okay, as you all know, I just resigned from an office based company

Yeah,again and back to a Home based again..
crossing my finger that it will be better this time compared the first try.

moving on..

I tried to find what is the best Debit card to have one, 

One that doesn't require to have a big amount of maintaining balance.

So I went to BPI and check the one that I need.

they have Easy saver and Express teller savings.

For the Express teller if I am not mistaken the opening of it
should be 500php, and it requires 1000 php for the Maintaining Balance/month

while the Easy Saver it is just 250 with no Maintaning balance/ month.

So I settled to an Easy Saver..

  • No Maintaining Balance - Deposit what you can in BPI Easy saver Account. no more worries that you have to keep a certain balance.
  • Security - Have a peace of mind knowing that your money is safe with BPI Easy Saver,Plus, your savings will earn interest.
  • Convenience- When it's time to draw from your savings, you can just go to any BPI ATM and withdraw for a minimal fee.

Minimal Fee?? Yes, Whenever you withdraw your money, there is a 5 php fee  at any BPI  ATM machine, while if you withdraw at any bank, it will be 15 php ..

Maintaining Balance.. Okay!!! Compared to other ATM account, you must maintain like thousands, but this just keep at least a 100 php just to avoid account closure, and I 
think that is not bad at all.

So There you go, I hope this can helps for those who are 
looking for an ATM that has no or Less maintaining Balance..


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