Thursday, January 15, 2015

Strarted this as a diary #BlogWithNuffnang

I remember before,  I do not have any intentions to write anything, I find myself
Not interested to write.

But everything has changed, because I was inspired by one of a famous Mommy Blogger.
And so I decided to make my own blog.
At first I was really hesitant because I was a bit feeling cold feet
That no one might be interested , nor waste time to read
My so called articles nor story.

Fast forward, I have read before that It is much better as well if you are going to
Add Nuffnang ads in your blog and so did I.

 I love Nuffnang simply because, I and the boyfriend went to our FIRST MOVIE
date courtesy of Nuffnang. and followed by the other one during the screening of  Thor 
held at the Resorts world Cinema..Those are the unforgettable moments of us
that we really treasured..

I felt going banana during that time, because It was just my first time to 
go the famous and classy hotel/shopping mall /theater ..I couldn't 
afford to go there  on my own (pulubi ako ) hahaha!! at least I admit. 

Because of Nuffnang, I were able to go there ..and felt like I am sosyal
even for a night. ^_^ 

I am looking forward to bring my blog to the highest level
which is the one that I am contemplating about for 
this past few months.. (woot ) so I really deserve to this contest .. ^_^ 

My lucky charm will bring me to a victory hahaha! taas ng fighting spirit lang.

Well. good luck to me.. and good luck to all of those who joined the contest. 


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