Thursday, January 15, 2015


Hello there everyone ^_^
It's been a while since the last time I posted anything here. 
I just became quite busy this past few months,weeks..

Anyhoo! Have you heard about E-games?

As of me? yes, I do..My bf is into gaming most especially online.
As a matter of fact, He can do sleepless nights and stay in front of the computer
all night long just playing around. (game addict )

His perspective about it was, there is no problem with that.


Because,he said. First he is just at home and do not have any other 
vices aside from playing.and so I just say.. OKAY!! ( he has a point anyway ) as 
long as he is not going spend too much money with it.. ^_^

Do you know that you can even play casino Online? aside from any other
online games?

and they have something special for those into playing Casino..

e-Games Casino, the country’s premiere online gaming service provider, unveils yet another special promotion.  Feeling Lucky?  Don’t miss the “5-Star Winning Weekend”, during the long holiday, starting today, January 15 and ending Monday, January 19.  Simply play at any terminal within any e-Games site, with over a hundred casino games to choose from.  If you happen to be at a lucky e-Games outlet and at a randomly selected winning terminal, you receive an instant prize of P1,000 worth of casino load.

Displaying 5StarPic.jpg
Experience world-class gaming with e-Games as it combines the thrill and excitement of a live casino with the comfort and pleasure of great personalized service. Popular casino games, including Baccarat, Blackjack, various Slots games, Video Poker and other specialty games, are packed into a PC terminal making switching games fast and easy — right at your fingertips without having to move around an entire floor.  Friendly and accommodating gaming assistants also attend to a player’s every need.

Not yet an e-Games member?  You can still participate in this promotion by registering for FREE, online at and receive your membership card after 24 hours, from any outlet.  A minimum load of P500 gets you off and rolling to fabulous fortunes!  To know more about e-Games Casino, visit: or join their Facebook page:

Also head to e-Games branches along Escriva Drive and City Golf Plaza in Pasig, for extra treats.  With over 220 branches nationwide, there is bound to be a 24/7 e-Games site near you. Need help? Call (02) 338-3388 for more information.


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