Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sunday gala

Two weeks ago Ivy, Pj and I went to Sm North to
get  my GC from WADE.. which is my prize.
you can see and read it HERE.

I know, i am flaunting too much about my prizes.. sorry naman.
I am just happy and wanted to share my happiness..( paliwang pa)

and of course the day is not complete without pictures.

OOTD; Blouse from IFU  shorts from HERBENCH  sneakers; HERBENCH

Ayun oh.. 2nd OOTD na..trying hard..

it was taken inside WADE boutique at SM North.while
waiting for the proof confirmation ^_^

jumpsuit( prize)

Yay! is quite bitin na sa knya because she is quite  tall na..

After we got the GC,someone commented on it.

PJ; uhmmm hon. Db, sabi mo 1000 yang GC mo? eh bakit 500 lang yan?
Me. Ummm. hindi ko rin alam eh.
PJ. bakit hindi mo tinanong.
Me. hayaan mo na, itatanong ko pa, eh panalo ko na nga lang to..

We roam around  after and headed to  Worlds of FUN (WOF)
 so how's my expereienced their.?

long queue everywhere..the play area  is crowded not unlike WOF Megamall.
then they only have 3 staffs in an exchange area..
they have two machines to count the tickets,which is good.but the
Staff is really not enough to assist the customers exchaging their tickets.
waiting in a long queue is quite a waste of time.. seriously..
so I think, it can help if  WOF management will add more staffs.

Why did I say that? I don't know if it is just me , or nagkakataon lang talaga lagi na
everytime I go there, there was a SALE.. which is if there is SALE.
there are crowd.. and SM North is reeally crowded.. ( okay forgive me about this)
baka nga naman dahil may SALE..

Well, despite of that, We had fun and yet we will still go back there.

There you go. and there's more kwento pa, just stay



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