Monday, August 19, 2013

Keep safe everyone !

Hello everyone!

How are you guy's doing?

I hope everyone is safe and sound..

well as of now 9:30 pm, im still at work of course, anyway 1 and half
nalang naman uwian na..

well, I hope and pray that this torrential rain will
stop now, I am worried about my friend/colleague living in Imus, Cavite
She is alone pa naman sa house,,. She hasn't text me  yet.
I am trying to call her now, but her phone is can not be reach.. I hope
that she is safe too...

This time, I wanted to go home na, because I know, Ivy is also worried na about me
I know, she will tell me na naman na

" Mama , nag-aalala ko sayo ,pag wala ka dito sa bahay"  with a big Hug  ( sweet )

sa panahon ng disaster, mas maganda talaga na you are with your family.
in my case, do I have any choice, maybe yes I have, but somehow i have to
think of my finances..Omg.. It is really hard to weigh all things out.

Do you know, guy's that It is not my first torrential disaster being stranded
here in the office.. Okay,sound exaggerated, fine uhmmm I just experienced
to slept over here last year during the "habagat days" .
It is just, for my own safety too..

But, during " Ondoy" which happened last 2009, I was here too,
see how loyal I am as an employee.

I remember, my shift that time, was early morning, and typhoon
"Ondoy" started to downpour before lunch,on Saturday,  meaning I am at the office,
though, It was raining nonstop Friday night, but I still maaged to go to work pa
that morning, despite the fact of heavy rains, and flood outside our house..

Yes, the water started to went up high,na that time.. and
around noon. It was really goes up, and reached the 2nd floor of house.Literally..

I texted my mom, and she adviced me not to go home na, because It was really
flooded na everywhere.. So,that I night, I just had a slept over in my
colleagues house.. take note, my shift that day originally was 5am till  11 am only.
just half day on Saturday. but, I rendered over over over time..
yes, I have to exag that over because I worked from 5am-11 pm.. Seee...

I am a hero.. Lol..

I didn't know, where did I get my strength  that night, because I had a no power
nap, I've awaken at 3:30 am.. OMG..

I felt uneasy as well that time, because I am thinking of my family.
if they are okay, if they have eaten already. like this, like that..

Okay, maybe some of you are thinking now, why I am at work despite of the bad weather? where
is Ivy? who is taking care of her? is she fine..

Well, no need to worry, because our place is high rise bldg.So worry free, no flood.
and Ivy is safe and sound, She has a yaya to look after her, ( i owe you that kwento )
 In fact, siya ang mas worried.. LOL...

The point here is..

FAMILY is important, no matter what..

Faith in God..

And Again. Keep safe everyone  =)


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