Saturday, August 24, 2013

Feeling sad!

Good day everyone..

What's up?

Okay,,my day is not that good.haist...

Why? I missed to attend at Mommy Fleur's day..
even how much I really wanted to come and join with

Minsan na nga lang makiki join sa mga dughong bughaw
and isang dughong dukha hindi pa natuloy.. tsk.tsk..

Well, It is

Because, Ivy is sick.. yes She has a fever since yesterday, Friday
maybe she has a tonsilitis. but, now at this time.she is quite better na
nasobrahan lang siguro siya sa sweets,, hays..

Well, I hope she get better na continously, Breastfed girl yun,
kaya for sure, sickness wouldn't last for 3 days or more to her.. ( yabang)

I would like to end this entry saying to you guy's
a Happy Weekend..


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