Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baby no more.!

Happy Thursday everyone!

How are you guy's?

I hope everyone's safe, after Maring + habagat aftermath..
joined force talaga sila, well,it's more fun in the Philippines daw kasi ata
kaya dito sila nag date at naglandian ng bongga,,, Hay.. sana nalang dun sa
ibang bansa na lang. hehehe   (bad)

anyhoo, Ivy and I are safe naman, so super cheers..
but then, our house in Cainta, was chest deep high last Tuesday, and as of yesterday
it went down na to knee deep high,.. (relieve)

Well, last time i told you guy's, that Ivy has a new yaya, actually just a part time
uwian, since 3 doors away lang naman from our unit..
The reason  why i got another one again, because and hirap hirap talaga
makisuyo sa iba, eventhough kamag anak mo..sigh..

I don't want to bother other people, lalo na they are also busy.
so, I ended up in a decision of getting Ivy's yaya,.

How is her? Well, she is reallly good one, iba talaga pag may anak ang
nakuha at mejo may edad na,  iba yung way ng pag care nila.

Nung walang yaya si Ivy, she became thin, but it all changed
when she have ate Judith. Sobrang alaga niya si Ivy, sa morning
She woke up at 4am to cook food, well maybe because
her son also goes to work and she prepares food for him. ( sweet mom)
then,around 5 am she goes na in our unit, to prepare Ivy..
then at 7 am, pag alis ni ivy, she goes home muna and do her other raket.. ( sipag )

the other reason why I got her a yaya again, because of our neighborhood.
well, I can say that it is not perfect, and even though it is a condo type. still
not that safe.. most especially to a child staying alone inside a house,sleeping alone
at night.. Not safe..

Why? we have our exconvic, due to steal.. Oh, well i don't know what is the
real case of him.

So, I have to prioritize ivy's safety. kesihodang mamulubi akesh, basta ba sure
ako na pag uwi ko eh may dadatnan akong kung ano ng iwan
ko, ganun pa rin pag balik ko..

Which is, I can get that service from ate Judith, She sleeps with ivy at night, then
she will just go home, when I arrived.. great right..

moving on,,

earlier,while Ivy is eating, I was staring at her and suddenly I told her

Me. Anak, you grew so fast naman..
Ivy; Mama!  wala na tayo magagawa dun, kesa naman sa maliit lang me, like ( insert name here)
na ganito lang kaliit. ( hand gesture)
Me; Okay, but I  mean anak, mag  t 10 na ka na next two years,,
Ivy; hindi na ko baby..

My goooodddd.. Imagine, two years more I have a 10 year old dalagita na..
baby no more na talaga,, whaaaaaaa..

tsk.tsk.. pwede bang time Freezeeee muna..

ang bilis bilis naman ng panahon..

Well, I hope that she will be a good daughter, a good citizen and only
be Mama's girl.. Lol..

That's it pancit.. Stay safe again everyone..


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