Monday, April 13, 2015

Maracuja Oil by Nature Essentials Review

Are you guy's  a fan of  Natural products.. ? 

Well so do I.

Before I am not that really but then, my thoughts
were changed when I tried before a product that
has natural ingredients,and that is  cheaper than branded ones.

Lately, I received a Pure Maracuja oil products from Nature Essentials
rying Natural products doesn't scary at all, because
it has natural ingredients so

Why not give it a try right?

What is Maracuja Oil?
  It is a Treatment oil for skin concerns and delivers balanced moisture for firmer, 
  brighter and smoother looking skin.

How to Use it?
 apply 2-3 drops of the Maracuja oil in your hands, rub it and apply it onto your face and areas 
 that is needed.

What I like about it:

* It is not greasy, compared to other oil.It doesn't leave your face looks
really oily as well, ( na mukhang pwede na mag fried ) .

* It comes with dropper,since you only need 2-3 drops only. You are sure
that you have use that amount only . (less sayang )

* It really helps to heal my allergy. 

* It is natural so it is really safe to use.

So far I am still trying this out and used this as my night
face moisturizer and also I used it into my skin.

I used this together with a Glow EMU soap, which is also a natural one.  

Disclaimer: informations given above are personal experience of mine.



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