Friday, April 17, 2015

AlexSea Delicatessen

I am no foodie , but I will try to attempt  posting this one.

I am not a fan of sushi, unless it's maki.
but not that much..

I have tasted maki sushi before, but sadly I did not like
the taste, I don't know why?? parang may after taste. (not fresh maybe )

not until last week. I bought sushi 
just right down in our office, and When 
I tasted it, I felt in love with it..
aside from the taste, it comes in a cheap price.

Check this out.


and this is what I bought from them

and this cost me 125.00 php only!! What a steal right? 
In terms of taste! Winner, It's fresh..
I am the only one Who ate it all.. (seriously) !! 
No suya feeling after! 

I really can recommend this to my other friends. 

not a sponsored post:  


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