Monday, March 2, 2015

Mishka Shoes

Mostly mom's like me spending most of the time 


1. Sending  kid/kids on and off to school.
2.  Running errands like paying bill, here and there.
3. Chasing after our little ones here and there.

and etc. etc...

In my case, as a  working Mom. I badly needed a shoes
that is comfortable to wear.

Since, I go to work really early in the morning, and
I am always in a hurry, wherein the tendency was, I sometime
run to catch up the time in.. tsk.tsk.!!


most of the time I prefer to wear flats, but 
sometimes I used to wear those with heels nor wedges..
and just bring an extra flat shoes. Whenever I needed to 
go somewhere else after office hour.

but then, it's sometimes troublesome for me
since I need to bring an extra shoes, it occupies
the extra space in my bag..

I being  a mom, I sometimes used to bring a lot
of things.. most especially when I go out with 
my girl.. soo hassle isn't.

So, It was good to know that 

MishkaShoes   is a locally made brand that offers a wide variety 
of Comfortable stylish Foldable shoes for every woman’s lifestyle. 
Mishka Shoes is not like any other foldable shoes that the shoes 
itself already bend upward even if you are not wearing it.

I fell in love with the flats, and the color is nice too.
Simple, yet elegant and easy to bring.


I like this one because it is so simple and elegant..

Kaelyn foldable flats

 I like this very much..
MEGAN Foldable Flats

             SOFIA FOLDABLE 

Mishka Shoes is currently available in Landmark Makati located 
at the 2nd floor of Shoe Section. They are also available in different 
bazaar events around the Metro., and the good thing is it is Philippine made. . 


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