Monday, March 2, 2015

LEMON KISS Kids Apparel

Summer is just around a corner, and when we talked 
about Summer, it means we can feel the terrible

and it is just so annoying for us..
and so
and how much more our little ladies?

The good thing is LEMON KISS offers good quality
of dresses, that little girl can wear on a hot summer.  =)

should I say, a must have dresses for our
little ladies .  ;-)

Lemon Kiss is an apparel that is the Hippest
girls brand to wear and hit the Philippine market.!!

On Saturday.

I asked my little lady to choose which dress she'd like,
and it seems like she'd like everything, wherein She couldn't 
choose which one she really likes best.

so I just picked  the top 3
dresses that I've thought 
 when She wears it, it will 
be really looks pretty on her..  ( giggle )

Here they are!

This one is really cute ^_^ , it can be worn whenever there is a party!! I like it. 

Well, even this one... 

Shocks.. Okay..!! They are all pretty dresses..

and I so loveeee them all ^^

The good thing about Lemon kiss dresses, they are quite affordable!
you can buy them at SM kids fashion too. ^^


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