Monday, February 2, 2015

Mini Reunion ( batch 200-2001 RHS )

 Last Saturday I and My classmates in 4th year
 High School in Rizal High (main )
 had a mini reunion.. 

The venue was held atRainforest park we  rented their 
picnic grove ( yes, you can rent them out ) and the place 
were really big enough for 

supposedly, the number of expected attendees were 30 but 
half of them came.. 



we were not complete..

Anyhow! despite of us not being completed
on the said get together, we still able to have fun
and enjoyed the day with a bang..

I can say, that most of my classmate in 4th year high 
was really different compared to when were 
in High School..

Imagine 13 years had past after we've seen each other again..

the funny things was, some of them are now working
abroad, seafarer, teacher ( including me ehem) , housewife, manager,
supervisor. etc..

It was really suprisingly because we aren't expecting that 
they will become succesful person now.
because they are just kind of a simple, and happy go lucky 
student.. which includes ( bulakbol here and there, cutting here and there
,inom here and there. ) 

but , I felt so amazed as well, because despite of what they achieved in
life now, they are still Down to earth, ( walang mayabang factor )

it seems that everyone is still the same.

unlike the other old friend of mine that I knew..  ( puro yabang na sa katawan )

and now, I wanted to share to you guy's our latest pictures.. after 
13 years..

We  all still have a baby face... lol
walang kokontra.. hahahha

 Group Photo..some of them left early, because they needed to run errands.

The venue is sponsored:
If you noticed we are wearing the same shirt.. So it was also sponsored
by one of our classmates who's currently working abroad.. 
The printing is also sponsored by Ali, which is the really healthy man 
in the picture. ^_^ love u ali ahhaha..
The videoke machine is also sponsored:
the food, we just had a pot luck.. 

Thank you sa mga sponsor's abroad. !! 


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