Friday, January 23, 2015

Food Panda online delivery Experience 2

Last year I have posted my first review and delivery experience
of the Food Panda Online to order food and have it 
deliver on our door step.

Like what I did last year, I ordered something
for my family as a surprise treat for them, since I couldn't use 
my voucher here in my place.

This time, I've ordered chicken from Chooks to go.
but unlike last time wherein I paid my purchase using the voucher
that  food panda and MBP provided., but this time 
they have sent us a paypal credit to use for.

My experience..

I ordered around 11:00 am,and they delivered it
around 3:30 PM! 

Yes.. well I've chosen  that time  so that my family 
wouldn't take an effort to think 
what (ulam ) they are going to cook for dinner.

Once you have done plotting your order in their
website and once you have checked it out, you will 
receive a call a few minutes after. ( Good job! )

They will ask you the confirmation regarding the food that you 
have ordered and also the address.. 
after that, they will forward your order to the said store
where you wanted to order to.. 

note:  make sure that whenever you order ,you have to be sure 
that there is a near store around your area, or else , it is possible
na magka aberya the delivery, which is I have experienced.

I received a call from this guy's coming from Food Panda, and 
he told me that the store is quite far my place.. so he told 
that they will just find way, so that they could deliver the
food in our place in time, or maybe a little later . 

I am happy still because despite of the issue not slight
problem, the food arrived right in time.

My Mom , sisters, brother and even my dad became
happy when they received it. 

Just sad that I do not have a picture of it 

Food panda staffs are very nice.. Thank you !  

Thank you as well Food Panda and MBP for this ! 


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