Friday, August 29, 2014

Why I went gone??

Hello guy's! I am now here again.
I know, it is really been a while,and I miss everything here.
I missed to blog, I missed to tell what went through about me ( even it is not so important though )

So what really happen to me, Why I went MIA for 4 months.

1. Remember last time I moved to a new apartment, Okay, It was really quite far 
and I can not really flaunt where I really am,maybe when We meet each other personally
I can do it,but here please leave it to me na lang muna.

2. I had a difficulty to have an internet connection to an apartment where We moved in.
I applied first the ULTERA of PLDT, but It did  not work in our place, and so 
I have to think another one.Which is GLOBE DSL,but then again. It is not suitable
in our place, because the installer told me that our place is quite far from the highway. what the?
How can I work and bring my life back if  I do not have an internet connection at home.
and so I have tried to ask PLDT DSL if it is possible and finally it is possible, however due to 
quite a long time that I do not have my classes,I do not have money to pay off for
an Initial cash out..another what the??

But .. But... But..

After a long wait is over..


3. I have decided to back to work in an office again and now.!!
Yeah..I am no longer WAHM..I am just new here anyway. 
I am starting a new life again.
I am still an Online Tutor so I did not have 
a hard time to get in this job.

Why did I go back to an Office based ?

I for myself, I can say that  I am not a house wife material,
so sorry I really can't. 

I am not good in taking care of our house,I am lazy to do house chores,
but I am good in making money. I am good at working..

Staying at home made me feel more depressed.. Staying at home made me realize that
Working Mom/ Carrer Woman is my forte, and not a Working at home Mom.
please don't get me wrong okay, I salute those Mom, who stays at home, you guy's
are really the best,but we are really different, we do have different forte.
So I have decided to went back to office after a year..


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