Monday, August 25, 2014

Blogapalooza 2014

Hey.Hey,Hey. I am still alive. lol..
and now that Blogapalooza is here again.and Hey.. I am coming.!!

The first time I have  attended to Blogapalooza,
It was a really hit. I went home with various
freebies.Well, you can read my experience HERE,and THERE

It was really an awesome experience isn't ? because you can meet different people and also
you tend to meet new so-called friends online..

But for those who haven't familiar about  Blogapalooza.

Blogapalooza is the BIGGEST B2B: Business to Blogger networking event where you can showcase your brand, products or services to online influencers, top bloggers, Facebook power users, Twitter superstars, Instagram icons as well as to our TV, radio, newspaper and magazines covering the event.

I am now excited to BLOGAPALOOZA 2014.. See yah There guy's..


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