Thursday, April 3, 2014

Security meets Convenience: Yale Digital Lock Collection

I fell in love with Iron-man the first time I watched it.
not because of he is made of steel,but because of his high tech 
gadget,appliances etc, that can be seen in house.
so amazing to have a Smart like technology at home,isn't.
you do not need to worry about ,if you have forgotten 
to do something like, switching off lights, locking your doors, etc..

and Speaking of locking of doors.

I often misplaced my keys inside my bags, so I ended up keep on finding it, and wasted 
my 3 minutes just to find it.. but not just that.

Do you also experience nor can relate that, when you are in a hurry, then 
when you are trying to open your door lock, you have to tried
almost all of your keys to find which is which key's can open your door.?

It was quite annoying isn't!!

But,now Yale has found a solution.

but before that lemme show you first the brief intro about Yale.

Yesterday, they Unveiled their Smart locks to media personnels, and I felt so honor to be part of it, together with my other blogger friends Denise and Lady Rattus.

It was held at Shangrila Hotel Edsa Marquee hall.

Yale as one of the best-know brands in door lock industry ,offers you a variety of models of Digital door locks to choose from. 

Yale Digital locks brings you keyless convenience to unlock your door and still keep security at the core of it all. Choose from the latest in digital locking technology fingerprint,RFID card
or smart touchpad (PIN CODE ) to open your door.

These Digital locks also come with alarm systems for security against burglary,vandalism,and fire (selected models) 

YDM 4109

* fingerprint
* voice guide
* Smart tuchpad
* European Standard Mortise

What are the benefits of a Digital Locks brings you?

* No more rummaging through pockets or bag
-I for myself, usually happen this ,most especially when I am in a hurry,Wherein I have to search  for the keys in my bag, or sometimes I accidentaly drop it,then try to fit into a slot but realized that It was turned upside down . 
Digital Lock door allow you to access your home easily and in one step: Just scan your
finger on your digital lock sensor. 

* No more forgotten keys
- Digital Locks ensure this problem is eliminated ,you can always use your fingers to unlock
your door,either via scanning  your fingerprint or entering PIN code.

* No more losing keys
-  Rather than being angry with yourself or your children if a key gets lost or stolen, or if you have to fin a locksmith to change your entire door lock,digital door lock offer an effective solution to these situations.

* No more carrying a key
- We sometimes don't want to carry a key around when we are out for running and or walking with you/our dogs,Just access your door using your fingers, That convenience and security in one.

Yale " The World's Favorite Lock " is staying true to their slogan .They will always provide the most innovative products that offers the most convenient way of opening your doors while keeping security at its outmost priority.

Thank you Yale for inviting me over.! Congratulations on your success.

There you go guy's.. to know more about YALE Digital Door Locks:
visit :


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