Monday, February 17, 2014


Hello. I am still here, 

I am still existing. It is just I was being so busy for the past few weeks.. 

What made me busy? Well, as you all know that I had been
 resigned from my previous job, which is office based, 
and tend to choose to be a WAHM and yeah..

 After how many months of looking for a much better company to work for,, 
I can say that I have found it, already..

Some of you know that I wanted to be a VA or Virtual assistant, 
however, it seems that it is really not for me.. 

And so I tried to apply in a home based work where,

The work is inclined On what I have been doing for 5 years, 
which is. Teaching.. Yeah, I do online teach again.. 

I just got hired in this company recently, 

 and BOOM, 
the classes are overloaded... 

Happiness un... 


The more classes, of course the more money you have.. 
Means, In times I can pay little by little all of my debts... 
Yeah.. I have debts.. and I want to be debt free before the school year start..

I may be in the dark phase of my life now, but sooner or later
 I claimed that I can get out of it.. There is always a rainbow 
after the rain ika nga.. Anyway.. guy's maybe you know 
some other part time job, online please do let me know.. extra income.. please.. Lol!

and for those who are looking for part time job..and might be interested in teaching,, Then 
do send me an email.I can refer you ^-~


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