Saturday, February 22, 2014

National Achievement Test ( NAT) 2014

Being a mom of a Grade 3 student, I am now
feeling so bothered 
because of their upcoming NAT.

We often failed to attend reviews every Saturday 
therefore  we need to do  it at home instead. (sorry about it)

Anyhoo.. let us talk about NAT

What is NAT?

Nat or National Achievement Test - is a standardized
test designed to determine student's achievement level,strength
and weaknesses in five subject areas .
they are Science,Mathematics,English ,Filipino,and Hekasi ( Araling panlipunan for
Secondary Level.)

Source: click photo
Who are the target Clienteles of Nat?

* Grade 3 - Public school only.

* Grade 6 - for both public and private schools.

* Year 4 -   Both public and private schools.

when will it be?

* March  05, 2014 Nat,Secondary - 4th Year

* March 11, 2014: NAT, Elementary – Grade III

* March 13, 2014: NAT, Elementary – Grade VI

Now.. Here is the question.

Is there a passing score in the NAT?

The NAT has no passing grade or Score ,It uses the MEAN PERCENTAGE SCORE (MPS)
to indicate the percentage of correct answered items in a test.

source: CLICK HERE..

Things to bring on the day  itself:

* Mongol pencil #2.. Yes! it should be #2  not 1 or 3 just 2., as per the pricipal told us
during the meeting.

* Do not forget to bring an extra pencil and an eraser. Student should bring at 
least 2 or 3 pencils with them.. why? to avoid hassle once the pencil that they
are using cut out..  Each set of exam has a time limit. ( get what I mean)

* Food - Do not forget, to give them food,water,because they might get hungry while
doing an exam,. remember an empty stomach couldn't think well. ( rawr)

* Confidence - let them bring enough confidence so that they can answer 
the questionnaires without any hesitations.and let them eat chocolates to boost
their mind.. ( does it makes sense)  uhmm correct me if im wrong!

There you go for now.. 

I am going to join my Unica- Hija and do some reviews..

Disclaimer:I have searched few infos here,and the rest are 
mine,based on what we have discussed during the meeting.
To know more and fully understand what NAT is all about
you can check the source that I have posted above.


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