Saturday, January 11, 2014

We are in a house arrest + prize

Ohh yeah.

Ivy were not able to go to school
since Wednesday,because 
She has a measles..


I got worried and cried because
I don't know what to do 
with it.

Thursday Morning , I brought 
her in the nearest 
Center in our place to have her check
yet there 
were a lot of kids,so I just  decided
to bring her home instead.( baka makahawa pa )

There comes noontime when the red rashes 
came out all over her skin.

In the evening, I decided to bring her in a
hospital,but when we arrived there and 
and told to dear nurse that 
I want her to have check.
She told me that it's a measles..
and informed me that they can not accomodate us
due to the lack of facility.


They do not have this isolation room for 
those patient who's having a measles and so 
we just went home instead.

Anyhoo! the following day Friday,
is quite better than the 
first day of her Measles.

and so 

we ended up doing this.

Mani-pedi for her ^_^

As of her condition She is getting better na,It was good 
that there is no other complications like
cough,colds,and high fever..

Brave girl..!!

and ooops, This one is a good news because I received 
my prize from mega creations.

I have won this in an FB raffle..

Actually it announces before christmas,but 
just delivered yesterday.

Let's take a look what is it.



Thank you Mega Creations
for this one...^_^

This one came just the right time, I really need it..


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