Tuesday, January 14, 2014

TV No more

what's up guy's?

I'm still here,kicking my legs off

Just heads up about
Ivy,She is now pretty fine.
thank God, for hearing my prayer.


I still have one problem,uhmm
I don't know if 
it's really a problem.

My tv broke down..

it is really asking for a new one maybe.

yeah.. Sanat did not hear my wish
last christmas  =(


Since we do not have TV anymore, and
our Morning ,afternoon, and Night became 
too boring..

Ivy and I find the alternative way
to make us cheer up.

until we find this..

a portable hard disk.

nope..It's not mine

i just borrowed it from hon.woot.!

It's loaded up with hundreds of movies.
which I had been watching
for the past few days.

Ohh well. what can I say.

Star cinema productions never fail
to made me cry with their movies.

ayiii..(drama )

well that is just my thoughts okay!

So how's your week so far guy's?


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