Tuesday, January 14, 2014

School opening In June or September

I just read this and heard about 
this not just now, but even 
years ago.

I have voted also in SP polls
on which month 
I would like the Class starts would be

Well,honestly I would 
go for the month of September.

reason. June-August is rainy seasons
which  risky not just 
for kids, even for teachers.

not just that,Class suspension
can not be prevent on those days.

Imagine how difficult for them
to go to school under a heavy rain.

there were times that they get 
to school with their  wet uniforms on.,
a wet shoes and socks too.! tsk..

same as the students.

based on my experience,when I was in 
High School.

despite of heavy rain I still
tried to manage going to school,
however when I get there I have a very wet
shoes,socks,and even my skirt..

So uncomfortable feeling.
and I hate it.

Some are not in favor with it,because
they said that,children would'nt enjoy 
SUMMER anymore..

how about your guy's are you in favor
with the School opening in JUNE or September.?

I would love to hear your suggestions too.. 


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