Tuesday, January 28, 2014

PRESS Release: Wheatgrass Tabs for people on-the-go

Wheatgrass CAN  Int’l Inc. (WCI), the company that popularized wheatgrass-based health supplements in the country,  is now offering in convenient tablet form its popular Easy Pha-max wheatgrass pure flavor.

Branded as Wheatgrass Tabs, a bottle costs P590, containing 60 tablets (500mg each tab).  Wheatgrass Tabs is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

WCI sales manager Rachel Espino said their new product will be a more convenient way for busy people who want to get their daily fix of a proper and natural source of nutrition. 

Each wheatgrass tablet is a concentrated natural source of both the leaves and roots of the plant which provides a powerful dose of chlorophyll, amino acids, proteins and enzymes. These nutrients boost the human body’s  immune system by cleansing and building red blood cells, stabilizing blood sugar and improving digestion.

Displaying Wheatgrass Tabs.JPG 

The recommended daily usage is four tablets which is equivalent to consuming 10 kilos of a mix of the best vegetables.

The Easy Pha-max brand uses wheatgrass (the young grass of the wheat plant) harvested on the eighth day at its peak nutrient potential by Malaysia-based INS Bioscience.

Displaying nutrition facts wheatgrass tabs.jpg


Other product specifics can be obtained from telephones 890-1111 and 887-3279 and visiting the company website at


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