Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mickey mouse and hand cream

I am back, I know.
I am like a bubble. Once I am here, I am away.

Sorry about it, I am just busy as a bee.
 I underwent training, demos in my home based


Last Thursday I received a package
From Atty TIN

Well, it is actually a prize from her
Blog giveaway, which she held
Last year.

Apparently, I did not receive any prize
From her sponsor.

I do not want to mention it anymore, since
I do not want to be sounded like bitter.

Well, just recently I informed Atty. Tin
That I did not get any, so she just gave me something
Useful for me and Ivy.

There you go guy's.

 Thank you Atty. Tin for these gifts.

 Have a great Weekend. ^_^



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