Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love always finds a way.

Few more weeks to go and Valentines is just 
around the corner...


Am I excited? Yes.kinda.or should I say Definitely.

Because aside from Valentines., 

the next day after,

Hon and I are going to celebrate our 48th Month's anniversary..



Are you guy's having a hard time to think of a gifts that you are
going to give to your special someone during those occasions..

Well,I admit that I really do.? 

Who's not here?

And so,now I would like to jot down some of the gift's that 
I've already given on him.

So let's get it on.!

1. Watch-  I gave him a watch before because He was always
Late everytime we see each other.. I hate

photo source AVON brochure.

2. Perfume.- too common,I know,but it is a last
 option to give them right?

photo source. AVON brochure

What you think?

3. Wallet- Yeah, I have given him a wallet before,becaue I hate 
the cluttered money on his pocket,and for him 
to keep his Id's on.. However sadly that he is not using it.


We need to consider as well,what type of person they are.
because there were some men,who doesn't know how 
to appreciate their gift..

Most especially if they don't like it.

Yes,they will accept it,but they will just keep it on their closet forever...


Note; for the photo. Those are really the gifts that
I have given him...just an Avon

Do you have something on your mind
to give them? care to share..


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