Wednesday, December 3, 2014

First day of December and My secret santa gave me

Hello everyone!

Hello December...

It's now December and its Christmas is saying hello to everyone
of us!!

Now, that Christmas is fast approaching..
Kris Kringle is also here and there and everywhere..

and now, we started our Kris Kringle here in our office
and the first theme would be Something brown

and so..

 My Secret Santa gave me.

 drumroll please:







                                                              Bremod ( hair color )

Something brown ... 

Yes! It's in brown color,it's just come's in green packaging

And here is my new working station ..

We just move in , in this office so as you can see my working station
that is why it doesn't have  any 
designs yet.

I am thinking of what designs to put in..

Next Monday.. 

Something soft..!! 

That all folks..



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