Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Wishlist 2014

Ho .Ho. Ho.!! Christmas is fast approaching, 
I can smell the Christmas breeze,
I can even feel the cold wind every morning..

Everyone is busy listing down their wishlist for 
this Christmas and so do I.

Christmas party is also here and there nowadays.. .


It is my turn to list down mine as well.

and so the first one is


Yes! I badly need a make over.. or  should I say, a Hair make over..

My hair now is really dry, full of split ends.. it is really dull.!tsk.. tsk. !

2.   Digital Camera..

source: google.

Again again.. I like this one because I do not have a very nice picture 
nowadays.. I am way far from my mom's house, so I do not have one to borrow..
really dying to have one..

3.  Make up brush kit

Charm Pocket Brush Set
source: Zalora


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