Sunday, December 1, 2013

Superwoman In ME!

Hello there Bellas..

What's up?

after a tiring day yesterday.. well

It did not stop me to go 
travel still to Bulacan after,
 My Mind Museum adventure..

why? TIME IS GOLD..  ( lol )  
LQ mode..

Ohh Well! , I can say that I am wonderwoman.. Hero peg !


Well.,since I already said that Time is Gold, you
should think all the things that you do to make 
you loved one's feel special, do not make all 
things complicated.. ( ayiii )


Since I am a working at home, I teach at home, a domesticated Mother
a blogger, and a Girlfriend.. 


I think the TIMEX watch that suits my personality is 

The TIMEX adventure series..


My life has full of challenges .. 

such as

* being a teacher is never an easy most especially dealing
with other nationality students..  
* being domesticated Mother is 
another quite challenging too,most especially in my case
I am a single mom, so everything is challenging such as 
answering questions of my unica hija with the continous
Why questions.
* being a blogger, This one is also challenging for me.why?
Because at first, I am not really a writer,this is the first time of me
to write about anything under the sun. ^_^
* I am girlfriend of a quite jealous type of Man.. so there were times
that LQ is around sigh!!! ( is it my fault to be pretty ) Kidding..

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