Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our Mind Museum Experience

Okay, well Last Saturday I and Other Blogger 
friends,received an invite to 
 listen to a discussion with the PHIVOLCSPAG ASA dost  and 
Manila observatory

I admit, I haven't listen to them that long because
first I am late, I went there nag sstart na, and may kasama 
pa akong bagets, I brought Ivy with me and my Sister.
special thank you too Shawn of Firenfrost.. alam mo na yun teh ^_^

And since I wasnt able to listen to their discussion
I still manage to take some picture of it a bit.

when We arrived they are talking about eartquakes kung
may ways ba to detect it, but apparently there is NONE. it 
is not unlike typhoon, na they can monitor it ahead of it...

and here they are 

note; Photos are taken by me..

uhmm Natahlie were are you here???

This held at Canopy Plaza just outside The Mind Museum.. ^_^

and Look guy's... This also catch our attention...!

FREE Hugs anyone???

maybe you ask if we tried that.. uhmmmm.. uhmm.. well my sister wanted to, but
she is torn between.. shy and museum.. lol

Anyhoo... lets go na sa The Mind Museum..!!

but ..! But! But! 

I would Like to say Thank you THE MIND MUSEUM for the free passes that
you have given us..


Entrance Lobby 

Hindi halatang, hindi siya happy noh! lol

Welcome to our Dear EARTH



There you go for now..

still have something to do pa..

to be continued..


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