Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Life as A SuperMom..

Hey there everyone.. 


How's everyone..I know you guy's are eggzoited to attend at the upcoming
blogapalooza,and so do I.

but now. guy's . I badly need your help with this one.
mejo kakapalan ko na mukha ko huh..! and I hope you 
guy's will support me all the way..ahihihi.. 

well, It is all about my entry in a baby expo.

You can read the criteria of judging HERE 

and you  can read my Story  THERE..

Okay.. So makikilala niyo na ko ng husto mga sis.. 

I am counting on you..

So please help me to win it.. #asaness me..

The more share the better ^_^

Pasensya na sa pang aabala mga mahal ko... ayan huh! may lambing pa..! 

thank you.. thank you.. thank you in advance.. 


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