Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ivy want's what?

Hello everyone..

How are you guy's ? 

I know that I have missed a lot of  post  last week, 
due to my intermitent internet
connection, but then now that it is fine, I do not have any excuse 
not to write anything here.

Well, I have something to tell you guy's..
it has something to do with my title.

last night,while Ivy and I are watching Kung nasaan ka man 
wherein the leading actress is Julie Ann San Jose.
someone, told me this.

Ivy: Ma, gusto ko magkaroon ng gitara.
Me;What?  gitara?
ivy; opo.gusto ko kasi matututo mag guitar gaya ng kay Julie Ann.

Omg..ang mahalia kaya ng guitar..
take note, She wants it as Christmas present..


There is one thing it seems that She loves to sing and  play piano as well..
why? I caught her pretending that She is playing a piano, not
just one, but
and She often sings Julie Ann's song..

Now who is a fan of Julie? lol..
and one thing I would like to show you something..


Ivy, drawn that tarsier in school.. hmmmm what you think?

and more one 

That one is her seatwork in her English Sucject.. She got 15/15.
look who's proud? ^_^

sorry for the poor quality of photos, it is just taken using the built of my netbook.

there  you go for now.. 


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