Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday chika.

Gooooood morrrning everyone..

Yes,I do have a high energy... why?

I slept early last night and woke up early too.. (such a great feeling)

well dapat lang, because I have more kwento for you guy's.

Before, I start lemme ask you muna, how was your weekend so far?

Well mine is prettty GOOD... ( exag )hahha..


last Saturday, I had a lunch out together with the  FEMALE NETWORK team..
yes, mga sister's,mare,mudraks. you read it right..
they had their readers lunch last Saturday..

How  was the reader's lunch? Fun..sobra..( ill make another pot about it stay tuned)

then yesterday, we went out and went to SM north,,sobra dami ng tao..
keber ang lakas ng ulan, wala me masabi.. well my purpose naman of going
there is to get my prize.. (will make another post )

Tonight, naman Pj and I  will have a Mondate and will
watch a movie screening of  " About time "
the movie passes is given by Ms.Patty one of FN team.
thank you..

So now,I would like to end this post saying

thank you LORD for the blessings that you have given me....

I love you lord Big time ^_^




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