Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hater's Gonna hate

Good evening ..

Howdy? How was your day so far?
well mine, uhmm fine..pretty fine..

I wonder why I do have backlogs,hmmm maybe
I was just having difficulty to multitask using this netbook keyboard
is acting up.. needed to change a new one.hahha


You know what guy's. early this morning I posted something
in my other nook.
Allright,I just written a topic about our newly LAW .
which is the "ANTI- BULLYING "
and guess what,?someone got irritated to what I have posted.
you can read it HERE .

Well, for me It's nothing , but you know what?
I guess. I am now quite effective writer (echos)
because someone got iritated because of that article..
remember an effective writer has a

I do have a lot of  pending kwentos..
I haven't transfer the photo pa kasi..

Anyway guy's

that's it muna.. stay positive always =)


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