Monday, July 15, 2013

SSS Online

Hi there..

happy Monday everyone,,

I was about to blog sana kanina pa,, kaya I wasn't feeling well.
umaatake na naman kasi ang headache ko.. So i took a nap ( shhh, nakaw nap lang yun,, bawal matulog sa trabaho ) ^_^

Enwei. last time I had a brief Tutorial about MERALCO E BILL and now, I would like to have
another one. Weet weeew..

Okay,I being a shy type girl nahihirapan talaga ko mag tanong tanong sa aming accountant..
lalo na usapang anda..and also about SSS contributions..
Isn't important to monitor your monthly contributions?Well, syempre important yun.
I have read some cases kasi before na binabawasan ng company for an SSS contri and other contri,
but then, when they are about to avail a LOAN, they coudln't avail due to some cases.
It's either hindi nag huhulog ang company , or kulang lagi ang hinuhulog and others..

Well, so far hindi ko pa naman na eexperience yan, Thank you to our masipag na
accoutant ( chos ) sahod naman jan MS. ( joke ) ..

Our deary accountant encouraged us to enroll our SSS number in an online system, wherein you
can monitor your contributions.

and how to do that.? First, ask your friendly bosses or accountant their  Employer id, for future reference.

I enrolled mine years ago, so I forgot where exactly you needed to encode your employer id, but I am pretty sure that you needed it.

Now let's start.

1. First  click HERE.

2. Once you've clicked here you can see now this page

Im sure alam niyo na gagawin jan  ^_^  it is easy as a pie na lang.!

3. After that  SSS will send you a generated email, where in you can confirm your email, and PW of your
SSS account.. I hope tama akesh.

Once you have it already, you can now log on to your SSS..and you can see this.

4. To update your Profile just Click update profile, and there you can see this;

And to change your Password, Just click Change Password .

Now, Where can you see your Contribution?

5. click on the Online Inquiry.and you can see this.

6. To see now your contri click the Member info , under actual premiun and there you can now see your actual contribution like this,

7. Now if you have an existing Loan like me, You can see it also here if your company is paying monthly.
Just click Loans and there you can see this..

8. Now, Under Loan Type that you can see at the left Bottom, Click it and you can now see this. 

There you can see your Loan Information and to if your company is remitting your payment monthly. click the statement of Account & Loan Payments.

Let us be aware on what we are paying, and what does our company 
deducting in our hard working Money.

for more FAQ click HERE about SSS..

That's all for now Folks..


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