Monday, January 9, 2017

What Dearberry products that I really want?

Hello there Everyone..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.. I know so late but
they said, It is better to be late than never..


From now on, I might continue blogging again
which is I hope magawa ko... 

Moving on,, Have you ever heard about Dearberry, If I am not mistaken it is a Korean brand.. 

Please correct me if I am wrong.

With further ado, I would like to let you know what are the products that I want to 
get from Dearberry If I  will be given a chance to try them.

So here they are..

Miss Monalisa

NO stains, NO smears. Mona Lisa Eyebrow Pencils are meant to give you an all-around natural look.

Photo Sharp Concealer #1 (Light Beige)

== Magic touch to perfectly cover spots, blemish and freckles of your skin very naturally.

Cover Girl BB Primer #1 Light Beige

Pore- Rimer

== Get rid of pores! The perfect solution to getting rid of blemishes and making your skin look pure.

Online Gel Liner (Black Pearl)

== Waterproof, smudge-proof! Long-lasting Online Gel Liner gives a clear-colored look.

Rockcat Girl Eyebrow Liner (Dark Brown)

Easy to use eyebrow pencil that defines and shapes your brows naturally

note: photo credit to dearberry site

Triangular pencil lets you shape your brows easily and finely.
Blends well with the natural brow color.

So,Why I like them? First they are affordable, and comes with a Natural Ingredients,
another thing is  As a beginner pag dating sa make up.

I really have a very poor make up skills,(late bloomer) and So I wanted to practice a lot and I think using make up with a natural ingredients that wouldn't harm my face.. 
does it make sense??

are they many??

Yes They are but,, They are must haves though for a women.. 

So there you go guys.. till next time..


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