Friday, July 17, 2015

When is the right time to have cellphone?

It's been a long time, since the last time that 
I posted something
personal here.

Well, I think is the right time hahhaa

being a single mom/working mom  it is necessary that my 
the little lady of mine, owns handy phone an early 
age, I do not have a lot of time to look after her, 
so our only means of communication lately is
through call and text..  


one month ago, I bought her a phone that she can use
so that she can communicate when, While I am away from home
and to monitor her, whether 
she goes to school everyday or not.

the other reason is, we both agreed not to have 
nanny for her, since she's now 10 years old, and 
can take care of herself naman na at home,
resulting to INDEPENDENT.

When the school  started this year, I kinda 
struggle on how to dealt with being a mom and a worker.

I leave home,really early in the morning,and
she have to wake up an hour, So how will I
wake her up?how will I know if she able to 
go to school or not?

so I came up with this solution

at first, I have to leave my own phone at home, and 
set an alarm for the little lady in the morning she 
could get up and prepare to go to school.
First alarm 5:00
Second alarm: 5:30

Since, I am in the office already by that time, I just made 
a call using landline to know is she is awaken up or not..!! 

Now here is the question?

* is it really okay to have a cellphone a 10 year old kiddo?

As for me, I think it is fine! it will serve as a way for you to communicate
with him/her, most especially if you do not have trusted one 
to look after them.

In our case, I only bought the one that is not smartphone to 
avoid her not to get addicted into online 

* is it effective for us?

Definitely, She is learning how to manage herself at a young age,and
I do not worry a lot,when I am at work.

* Does she brings it to school?

NOPE, She is aware to it, that it is not allowed to bring cellphones in school, but 
I just let her memorize my number just in case of Emergency.

How about you moms,mostly single mom's like me? how do you manage
and handle the situation like us?


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