Monday, June 29, 2015

NUtri10 Plus

I remember, When my daughter was still a baby, 
I've  tried numerous vitamins
and made sure not to miss her taking vitamins..

Taking vitamins is really important because it can make them 
strong and healthy and active one.

So I felt on a cloud nine when I received a sample from 
Wert to try together with MBP

Nutri10 plus  is a kind of a vitamins that has it all, and that is really important

one right? One Vitamins that has it all .

Nutri 10plus Syrup  helps to
  • ·          Maximize physical growth
    ·         Maintain good appetite
    ·         Improve mental awareness and achieve higher performance
    ·         Boost  our kids immune system
    ·         Maintain their good vision, strong bones and teeth and healthy skin
    Enhances brain development
Thank you so much MBP and Wert Philippines for these to try 


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