Monday, May 4, 2015

Potipot Island getaway + Subic stop over

Hello there, Welcome May,, goodbye April..

Whatt? seriously? it's almost half of  the year again..
Next month it's already June.. OMG..

Does the time in hurry? 


Here's the continuation of  my  Team Building post.

like what I have told you there, We went to Potipot Island to 
enjoy the summer.. 

From the resort we rode boat (bangka ) to Potipot Island, it
took us 10 mins - 15 mins to reach the Island.

What's my take about the Island, Well! it is a bit crowded . or maybe because
it's almost lunch time when we arrived the Island.


I wouldn't take this post much longer so 
I will just show you na lang our pics..

                                                      Food for that Lunch 

ehem excuse me po..!! 

 Ohhh Potipot.. and layo mohh!

 Getting ready to leave but wait... groupie first 
 Ehem... that is my baby nga pala.!!!

And Welcome Subic for Lunch Stop over.

There you go guy's. I had so much fun ^_^


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