Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Team Building 2015 Part 1

Howdy everyone! 

It was a good weekend for me,
because , I were able to go out of  town.

I rarely go on a trip, unless it is for FREE (alam na) =)

On weekend April 18-19 off we went to 
Uacon, Candelaria Zambales
it was my first time to go there, first time to 
go on a trip in North.

We stayed at Puerto Del Mar Beach Resort.

Lemme Show you.

From the resort you can see the Potipot Island

We left  around 2 am and we arrived around 7:00 Am, yes! 

You read it right! We had 5  hours ride via service road.

And so we slept/idlip  3 times on our way, means we also had 3 dreams lol!!

Kidding aside , I wasn't able to sleep when we were on our way.

When we finally arrived we stayed in a cottage at first
since our check in time is at 1:00 PM but the caretaker allowed 
us to bring our things inside the room around 12:00 Pm Saturday, because 
we got ready to go Potipot Island, because 
We are maximizing our time, 
We should go back to the resort before  sunset.

Of course photo op first:

Well, it was my first time to go to Potipot Island anyway! geesh!!

Looks who's Excited??

Oops.. that's all about now ! 

note: all the pictures are not edited and owned by yours truly.!


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