Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunshine and Citrus a good bag Business Opportunity

I being a working mom, it is necessary for me to have a bag that I can use
everyday, I am a type of a person, that really couldn’t go out
without a bag, whether it is a sling bag, handbag,purse or whatsoever, 
because I felt like there is something missing , if I do not have a bag with me.
Most women It is important to us that our bag is  stylish and also functionable.

I rarely buy bags,the last bag that I have got is the one
That I have won in a blog give away . (wink) 

But, I really loved it,to the extent that I am using it everyday..

okay! not really everyday though, as much as I could, I tried to 
change from handbag to sling bag.

in my case since I go to work really early in the morning

I needed to have a bag that is quite safer for me to use.
so hello sling bag of mine..

But, whenever I needed to go somewhere and needed to use a 

bag that is much nicer one, then hello to my handbag  ^_^

I rarely buy bags of mine,I don't know why?? 

But whenever I needed to buy one, 

* I made sure that it would
Really last for a months, nor years maybe (lol )

* Affordable - the one that is quite a bit cheap but has

a good quality.

* design -  Well, it is important that it comes in a good design.

Lately, I was introduced to one of a bag brands called
Sunshine and Citrus.

Their designs are cool for me, one that you can use everyday

without keep on changing from one bag to another.. ( well it's all depends on you )

Here are some of their Bags.

here are the bags that I really like the most;

Aren't they cute?

Perfect isn’t?

Another good side is..

 Sunshine & Citrus is now offering an opportunity to start your
own bag business.

For only Php 5,000, you can get 15 pieces of bags
 (Choose among Ady, Martha, Milaflor, and Andrea bags) that you
can use to start your own biz.

Cool right? You can enjoy the stylish bags, at the same time you can
Earn money from it as well. Good to hear it most
Especially to single mom’s like me.

Sunshine & Citrus bags is owned by student-entrepreneur, 

Gabby Suzara, and manufactured by Donna Mendiola-Gaddi.

Sunshine & Citrus bags are both stylish and functionable,
they are offering a wide variety of styles that suit women in
 different stages in life: From young, carefree teenagers,

 young professionals, and to mothers like me.

For interested parties, get in touch with
 Sunshine & Citrus at 0916 7730171 or 

Instagram: @iamsunshineandcitrus


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