Sunday, May 11, 2014

I'm back.

Hello there guy's..
I am still kicking and alive.
please do forgive me for being MIA. There were some
things happen,like I have to find a new apartment,I moved there. and
Still do not have an Internet connection there yet.

wondering why  I were able to blog now.?
Well I'm currently at my father's house now.

Anyhoo.. I have kwento's and also want to show you my new
humble abode.

First, please forgive me If I can not tell you guy's where exactly
I moved it is just for a security purpose na rin.. balato niyo na sakin please.

Well, I know some of you knows already that I was really looking
for a new apartment for rent since last year, and Here it is now.

Just to tell you some about it. My monthly rent is just 2500 not bad right?
then It has one bedroom, a spacious toilet though not that big living room.
Well, it is just good for 3-4 person.

Note; Please bear with the blurry pics.. I just use handy phone 
to have it taken.

Kitchen hallway:

Comfort room
 Please bear with the quite messy bedroom of mine.. I haven't done fixing the things yet. In short
I still don't have cabinets for our clothes.

Screen door. Mine is in Door B.

Outside view of our Hallway.

living /Dining Area.

So there you go guy's.. I have to add few things, but I have to save more for me to have it a more nicer.

There you go guy's , Hope you liked it.. and will update more.. soon!

I miss yah all.


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