Monday, April 14, 2014

Summer is no Holiday for cough and colds

Are you guy's feeling the heat of the sun?
It is really freaking hot.,then sometimes there were sudden rainshower
which is not really good.

I know some of you are planning a summer vacation now
going here and there., is quite tiring to do so,yet
it is really fun too. 


The saddest part would be if one of your family members caught a cough
and colds on the day of your Summer get away. 
Ohh, well that can really ruin your fun summer get away.

but hey!

There are some natural ways for you and your loved one to cure your cough and colds..

* Drink Plenty of water..
Well,this is a No brainer, because everybody knows already about it., but I am soo guilty of 
not being fond of drinking water, It is important to  consume at least 
at least 8 glasses of water a day, to keeps you hydrated.

*  Rest and Relax 
I am guilty with this,everytime that I feel bad, I still pursue myself to work.
well, it's fine to do so, as long as you slow down and  go to bed earlier than usual.

Avoid caffeine, salty, spicy food and refined sugars.
 Ohhh no! for me it is not a good idea.. I can't live without coffee, how much more a bit salty
foods, and spicy foods. and sweets.. Ohhh goshh!! but hey, It is really important to avoid them for you to make even better.well. there is a so called " cheat day "anyway.

And last but no the least

Take Lagundi leaf (Vitex negundo L.) cough syrup. Combat cough and colds with Lagundi leaf (Vitex negundo L.), a herbal product extensively studied and trusted by the Department of Health. Developed by a group of Filipino scientists, it only uses indigenous lagundi plants, making it truly and proudly a Filipino product.
Lagundex, a brand of Lagundi leaf, is guaranteed safe as it strictly complies with the manufacturing requirements of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration. It is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) with certified facilities to ensure its quality and efficacy.

Lagundex 300 mg/5 mL syrup comes in sweet orange and peppermint flavors suited for kids, while the Lagundex Forte 600 mg/5 mL syrup in soothing mint flavor and Lagundex 600 mg tablet are ideal for adults. These are available in leading drugstores. Lagundex is distributed by New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC).

         For more information, ask your doctor about Lagundex or 
          call NMPC hotlines at (02) 836-5838 to 47. 


                                                                      # # #
The New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC) is one of the leading distributors of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the Philippines. It supports and markets a marquee list of established multinational medical brands. Since it began operations in 2006, the Filipino-owned company has been committed to strengthen its importation, sales, promotion and distribution of its diverse line of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.
NMPC management and staff are backed by years of expertise in the field of pharmaceutical marketing. Deploying 120 sales agents to 15, 300 physicians, the company ensures the widest geographical coverage possible in providing better market share for its partners.


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