Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Mind Museum Turns 2

I am quite a fan of  Science, It is really cool to learn with. right??
but I admit that I do not know everything about Science..

The little me is not fond of Science, until I got invited to 
attend to one of the event of Mind Museum,,that you can read 
here and there

And now..

That  The Mind Museum is turning 2 ,they are inviting everyone to  
Come and celebrate their 2nd birthday with extraordinary educational events & treats for all!

They also offer  C.S.I 101 Summer program. 

*EARLY BIRD RATE is only until  March 25 (for ages 10-13), and March 28 (for ages 14-17).
So .! Hurry before slots run out! 

WIRED to Play: Your Brain on Games

Everyone is invited to play in this month's MindBurst on March 30 (Sunday)! See a showcase of video games by independent developers, learn how to make your own computer game, and join the conversation on why we play
+ Join the pre-MindBurst Game Developer Challenge for a chance to win cool prizes, including your very own game on exhibit in our Tech gallery! 
For full mechanics click HERE.

Happy 2nd Birthday The Mind Museum...!!!


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