Thursday, March 20, 2014

Definitely Japan. Definitely Kojie.san

Are you tired of keep on choosing which soap is better for you To have a fairer skin..

 Well, I do!

 I have tried different kinds of whitening soapyet I haven't seen any effect On my skin.  OkayI admit those soaps that I had been using was just a copycat
 and we know That when we say copycat, less effectiveand worst is there were any  harmful Ingredients on itand it will cost you More bucks  of money too.

 So,when it comes to soap, it is important for us to get the trusted and original
 when it comes to skin care, it is really important to use the Original Kojic acid soap.
 and it is non other than Kojie.san



Because getting those copy -cat  one can cause our skin irritations, blemishes 
etc,and it means they contains any  harmful chemicals that 's really not good for our skin.,
remember you want to have a fairer skin, not the red spot one's. So better trust the original.


  • Kojie.san is the first kojic acid soap to be commercially available in the Philippine market.
  • Kojie.san has a micro peeling effect, which makes it a potent whitening product.
  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • It contains antioxidants and 100% all natural ingredients.

Now, I wanted to have Japanese like skin, fairer,looking young even old.
I better shift to an original one to see the effect much faster.. 

Stay pretty,sexy and hot!!


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