Saturday, March 1, 2014

How to get BDO CASH CARD

Good day everyone..
what's up?

goosh, First I forgot to attend to the event  that I supposed to attend 
to last Thursday.


I missed to see the gorgeous Mrs.World Philipines 
because we went to Meralco office to pay
my past due bills.. (whaaat past due)tsk..hurt!


Last Friday I got a BDO cash card..
but before that Lemme tell you first 

what is a BDO cash card?

A BDO Cash Card is a re-loadable prepaid electronic debit card.  You do not need to open an 
account to get one,You can use it to pay for your shopping spree..

Does it have a maintaining balance?

There is none..

What are the types of BDO cash card?

There's 3 types of caah card:

they are:

1. Retail Pre embossed cash card  
2. Retail Embossed cash card 
3. Corporate Embossed cash card 

Is there a maximum balance limit for each card type?

The answer is Yes.!

Retail pre embossed cash card- 10,000/without your name on the card
Retail Embossed cash card - 25,000/with your name on the card
Corporate embossed -100,000 

How many days can you get it?

It will take 3-5  banking days. for the retail Embossed card card,which is the
one with your name. while the Retail pre Embossed cash card wherein with out 
your name on the card.,you can get it right away. 

I got mine just in 2 banking days.. I applied it Thursday afternoon, and I got it
Monday afternoon.. 

Pros and cons:

For a retail pre embossed- since it does not have your name,once the machine
captured it, you can not get your card, and you have to applied for a new one..

For an Embossed cash card: You still have a chance to get it once the machine captured
your card,because it has a name.

Does it earn Interest?

Well, so sorry because It doesn't earn any interest at all.,and It is not insured with PDIC.
also It does not have any maintaining balance.

How to reload a BDO cash card?

Easy peasy,just go to the nearest BDO branch fill out their card sale/reload slip
via ATM ,Internet,Mobile Internet banking ,Phone banking.


Just bring at least 2 Valid Id's.

How can you avail?

You just need to visit  any BDO branch near you.

Why? because you are going to fill out the application and have to submit you
valid id's.. Not unlike UNIONBANK Eon ( I am going to make  separate post about it) You can apply through Online.
and when you visit the branch, you can get the card right away.. 
(okay, Correct me if im wrong)

There you go guy's..

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