Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thor 2: The Movie Screening


Miss yah guy's sorry for being away for how many days.. 
I know right?

backlogs again? lol

Okay. well. 

Last Wednesday I was invited to watch a premier night of Thor 2 
courtesy of Nuffnang Phil and Globe.

And guess what?

Sa Resort's World Manila lang naman  ( clap,clap,clap)

I am happy overload because, It was my first time there
and also a 2nd movie date of ours na rin..



I have met personally

Mommy Fleur, OMG right?  remember guys I told you before 
that I wasn't able to make it on her Mommy Fleur's day because
I was attending Ivy because she is quite sick, so when I saw her there
hindi na ko nag pa tumpik tumpik pa, at inalis ko na ang hiya sa 
katawan ko.. eto na ang pagkakataon ko to 
have a picture with her..

but please bear with the photo quality,taken from my cellphone.

( Nerissa,Mommy Fleur and Me)


and of course, I have met Nerissa finally.sis nag ka daupang palad rin tayo, 
kahit sandali lang...sorry wala  akong copy ng pic na kaming 2 lang. ^_^ 

And not that, I have met personally the 3 pretty ladies behind  The Soshal Network ( TSN)
okay. so una kong na sight dumating si Mrs. Domesticated, followed by Ms.Provinciated
and Ms.Sophisticated .. 

I was soo happy OMG again.. complete sila..pagkakataon ko na to ulit..
haveeeyy.. I started reading their blog,siguro bago lang rin sila nag sstart. mid Sept of 2012
and I saw their blog from Mommy Fleur.
So,, wala pang Single,Yet happy Reader na nila ko. hihi..and even Mommy Fleur.

( Ms.S,Me,Ms.P and Mrs.D )

Pretty Ladies of TSN yan..!!

I also saw there Ms. Rochelle Rivera but too sad we wasn't able
to talk , and even take pictures man lang..hmmm maybe next time.

Moving on, Thor is nice movie, and we watched it in 3D lang naman..
It was my first time to watch movie in 3D..( congrats sakin lol)
well of course not just me, even Pj did, and he felt quite parang naduduling daw shhh..

There you go guy's,  Thank you again  Nuffnang and Globe!!
sana next time, manalo ulit me..  =)


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